Trump Unhappy With Nordstrom’s Decision To Drop Ivanka’s Products

The Nordstrom store has dropped Ivanka Trump’s clothing and shoes citing that the brand didn’t sell well. Nordstrom was pressurized by the protesting movement Grab Your Wallet that gathers supporters to stop paying for products from Trump and his family. The Nordstrom’s move was seen as a consequence of the protests even though the department store chain didn’t mention anything about the protest. Following this, President Donald Trump lashed out on Nordstrom tweeting that his daughter Ivanka was treated unfairly. He sent the tweet from his personal account and later sent it through the White House official President Twitter account.

Apart from Nordstrom, various other retailers like Marshalls and T.J. Maxx have all decided to reduce the inventory of Ivanka’s products. These stores have informed their employees to remove special displays for Ivanka’s products and mix them into other product racks. Neiman Marcus has dropped Ivanka’s jewelry from its website. It is unclear how Trump will respond to the decisions of these stores.

It is not ethical to single out corporations and organizations because the opinions of the President of the United States have deeper consequences. Earlier, Trump accused several automakers, news companies, Lockheed Martin and Boeing which led to the decline in stock prices of those companies. These enterprises were accused of taking the jobs out of America or not serving the government properly. However, this time, Donald Trump has used his official twitter account for the business interest of his daughter.

Ever since Trump was elected as the President of the United States, there was a lingering question on how he will disassociate himself from his business empire. Trump has repeatedly mentioned that the President is exempted from federal law for conflict of interest provisions. Ethics experts opine that Trump’s tweet to intimidate Nordstrom doesn’t violate the rules of conflict of interest even though it is inappropriate.

The general counsel of the Campaign Legal center, Lawrence M. Noble has commented that the president is misusing his power as he intimidates businesses through the power of the White House. The spokesperson of White House Mr. Spicer was noted recommending people to visit the Trump International Hotel. Recently, Melania Trump, the First Lady has filed a libel lawsuit against calling her as ‘one of the most photographed women in the world’.

Robert Weissman said that there will be numerous conflicts of interests due to the vast nature of the Trump’s business empire. It should be noted here that even though President Trump has committed to severing himself from the business decisions, he has not sold his assets or established a blind trust. Currently, he has transferred all his business operations to his sons Eric and Donald Jr.

Ivanka Trump is extremely unhappy with Nordstrom’s decision to drop her line as she told her associates that it was a political move. Ivanka feels that the sales have not reduced and the reason cited by Nordstrom is rubbish. Even though Ivanka is not involved in business anymore, she doesn’t like controversies regarding her product line.

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