UAW Keen On Developing Buy American Campaign

The United Auto Workers (UAW) has announced that it has plans to bring back the ‘Buy American’ ad campaign in an all new form suiting the modern buyers. The USA is now ruled by a protectionist and populist president Donald Trump, who has continuously slammed several automakers for taking the production to other countries. He threatens the auto industry with a hefty border tax which would make imports costlier. Huge corporations like General Motors have decided to drop their plan on building plants in Mexico. Several automakers have announced their future plans to build new plants in America to make the cars locally.

The president of UAW, Dennis Williams said that the nation is focusing on bringing about the boycott movement. He appreciated Donald Trump for bringing attention to the automakers who outsource important assembly jobs. Williams mentioned that when automakers invest in USA and expand production locally, they can contribute to the economy of the country. He is delighted by the President’s move to encourage production and increase jobs within the country.

Williams said that the USA has a very good purchasing power and it is high time to utilize it now. The new advertising campaign will discourage consumers from buying vehicles made in foreign countries. Williams said that his campaign will instruct the buyers not to purchase cars when they are not made in America.

UAW is also happy that the POTUS hates the current NAFTA trade deal. The majority of the automakers invested in Mexico mainly due to the benefits of the trade deal. Williams agreed that it is not fair for the Americans and he is very happy that the president is keen on dropping the deal if the negotiations fail. He has also offered to reach out to the new administration to provide the opinions of UAW regarding the NAFTA negotiations.

The UAW hopes to work smoothly with the new administration. More than 60% of the UAW members voted for Hillary Clinton while only 33% voted for Trump. The difference in the mindset needs to be overcome to take advantage of the regulations and tax cuts that would be proposed by the current president.

Even though Buy America campaign is keeping up with the latest trends, it can be difficult for automakers to make a vehicle completely in the USA. Most of the manufacturers have concluded that small passenger cars can’t be made in the US and they use the USA plants to build expensive and luxurious SUVs and trucks. These vehicles target people with a high monthly income. First time buyers and entry level car owners don’t have a choice other than the inexpensive imports.

It is difficult to find a car that is truly and wholly built in America. Only Toyota Camry is identified as the most American car and it is made in Kentucky. Most of the other vehicles are made both in Mexico and USA. Consumers have to spend a lot of time in truly identifying where their vehicles are made. Williams urges the consumers to purchase a vehicle manufactured by union members and the UAW website has a list of such vehicles.

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